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Disko isn’t Dead in Olney!

Around a part of Olney that has been left to fend for itself is a train station that has been abandoned for nearly 20 years. By that station are the ruins of something that was once great but is now left to rot while the citizens above seemingly waiting for it to fall like a house of cards.

Disko is alive and well on this hollow shell.

Battle Angles!

While going through my files, I found a bunch of photos from last June. There were some boards on South Broad Street that were basically open-season for any and all street artists. Its a shame that they’re long gone now, as there was some truly remarkable pieces of art on there.

I saw this piece and really dug the battle angles.

Cense Will Return…

Remember when I showed a detail of a piece I found in North Philly with “15′ in the corner?

Of all the taggers in Philly, of all the street artists out there, this person may be my favorite when it comes to the art of the spray can. The style is classic, and its bright, colorful, fun, and engaging. This is just another sample of one of their pieces, this one hidden in South Philly.