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Sticker Jam! R2F. Stuff, and More!

This one was pretty neat, but was ripped down not too long after it went up. I really dig the one on the far left! Spotted on Market Street around 10th:

Left to right: Drus, R2F!, Good Stuff, Krispy, and CEO.

Thanks to our commenter for the tip!


Weird and disturbing, yet pretty interesting. Found it past South Street…

So, UWP, Rog, Nose… basically, anyone who does old-school-style graffitti… care to one-up this?

A Call to Artistic Arms!

DëthMöusë here.

I’m sure everyone reading this blog is familiar with the politics of this modern world to some degree. It’s pretty hard to be ignorant of them. The events in Libya, Syria, Iran, Egypt… then you have all the stuff in Japan… not to mention upcoming City Council and Mayoral Elections here where we have someone short of a small clown running for mayor. I think its time the streets spoke up.

Where else would this be apt than Center City?

We want to see your outrage and anger, or even better, your joy and humor in the face of all of the events going on in the world around you. Myself and Pipelines plan on making the rounds in the city soon, and we want to see what everyone has to say. Photos will be posted of our findings, and we will be thrilled to share our results with the world.

“Be dangerous… and unpredictable… and make a lot of noise!”

DISCLAIMER: We are in no way advocating destruction of property in order to achieve this, but we are saying that we would like to see something.

We’re Creating an Artists List


Both Pieplines and Myself want to say thank you to everyone for their support on the blog! You’ve all been great, and its been awesome getting to know you all.

Right now, we plan on getting a list of artists that we show here on the blog. If there’s a Flickr stream of a Facebook profile, we want to see it! If you have stuff you want to submit to the blog, please, by all means, SEND IT IN! WE WANT YOUR PHOTOS!!!

We want to do more, much more. Help us help you.