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I Will Not Rest!

“I will not rest until the last prisoner is free, and the last prison is torn down. Except for when Jon Stewart is on TV. Gotta rest to watch that. the Daily Show is hilarious!”

Curly, you deserve your own weekly column!

Curly has to be one of the cleverest people in the street art scene, easily! Their sense of humor is astounding, and really I haven’t posted most of what I’ve found by them. This time around, I think I’m stuck in the same camp. Now, if you don’t mind, it’s time for me to watch The Daily Show.

JFK Seen at Atwater Kent Muesum, then Promptly Assainated

Bold. Simply bold.

Some enterprising person took to 7th Street armed with little more than a stencil of JFK and black spray paint went and created something really cool and interesting.

I rarely go into this sort of commentary, but Center City is kind of a weird thing; I’m complained at times about how it seems like its limited, yet when you look at certain places like a certain abandoned building around Chestnut and Sansom, you see some really good pieces. Center City isn’t London, and the reality is that this is a cat-and-mouse game, isn’t it?

Which is where JFK comes into this.

This is a really cool repeating image, and whoever did this was taking one hell of a chance… and also wasn’t. This doorway is somewhat hidden thanks to the walls, but its in a high-traffic area that’s across the street from a school and cameras.

It’s a really neat and cool piece, and I’m say to say that even though it withstood most of Monday, it was painted over by 6PM the same day. Its a reminder that the nature of Street Art is temporary, and that if you’re lucky enough to see it, even if only for a few brief moments, you truly are lucky.

…although, I don’t remember John F. Kennedy having such a fat chin.

Yeroc Spotted in a Back Alley!

Awesome! Just… AWESOME! Found this piece by Yeroc on Juniper Street in Center City on the side of the abandoned building that used to house Valu-Plus. Really love this piece, and THIS is what I want to see more of in the city on a whole! Really cool, really interesting, and REALLY BIG pieces like this!

It’s been a while since we’ve mentioned Yeroc on this blog, and my apologies for that. We haven’t seen much of your work, but we wanted to give a shout out! I also need an education in this one: Diap? And the other one… not really sure here…

ZIGY MEWL is Going to EAT YOU!

I really dig Zigy Mewl and his interesting creatures! This street artist is always coming up with really odd creatures, and its always fun to discover a new one! Thanks for cranking up the toon factor! Also, props to Under Water Pirates for the sweet “Hello, My Name Is” Stickers!

I Saw JFK Today!

To the intuitive person who plastered JFK stencils on 8th Street: Bravo! You’re work will not go unnoticed! Sadly, its already covered save one on the side of a building in an alleyway.

What am I talking about? You’ll see tomorrow!