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New Yeroc Sticker shows a 3rd Eye!

Yeroc has a new line of really awesome stickers that have been popping-up around Philly, and right now, I blame myself for not actually reading the signature until now! These three-eyed guys have been in various places, this one on a payphone at Juniper and Chestnut.

Its incredibly interesting, and I really dig it! Keep up the great work with these new stickers!

EDIT: Originally I credited Medic for this, not Yeroc. My apologies and thanks for the correction.

ART JAM! Krispy Kremer, Golden Boy, Zigy Mewl, and Asker

I think I actually know everyone in here, so please correct me if I’m wrong:

From left to right, clockwise: Krispy Kremer, Golden Boy, Asker, and Zigy Mewl.

I found this awesome piece of art around 4th and Market, and its a million times better than anything Philadelphia City Paper has published in a LONG time!

Folks, Lifes to Short!

Well, we all survived the Rapture, so that counts for something! Maybe its so we could all watch the series finale of Oprah, or maybe hear the new Lady Gaga album. Maybe it was as simple as the realization that…. yeah, life IS too fucking short.

This message written by DethMous, but inspired by “ODD”Ball.