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Commercial Street Art

This isn’t art. Its advertising.

Its rare, very rare, we get on our soapboxes here, but this time I feel the need to speak out. The photo I’ve posted is located at 18th and Walnut. Its from Versus network and was done when the Flyers were in the playoff’s. It was still there last week.

I’m pointing this out in part due to comments I’ve heard from various street artists that I agree with to some degree, namely the increasingly commercial use of the art form. Normally I would try to find some redeeming factor, like it makes people more aware of the world around them. At the same time, that’s rarely the case with these inane guerrilla marketing campaigns. It doesn’t help to make it more acceptable, either; this is just advertising.

At the same time, I’m taking the chance to hear what our loyal readers have to say. Other than corporations corrupting the art form, do you see street art as being nothing more than a venue in the eyes of some to cash in? That its not about the art and the expression but just the possiblity of cash?

The Back Alley around 11th and Market…

The back alley around 11th and Market. Its dark… its damp… and it tends to be eerie. A lone soiled mattress sits in the back, along with a couch. The street is covered in trash, and the place reeks of urine.

In this pit is some street art, pieces to help bring life to a place that needs some. It brings a sense of purpose to this place, and makes it a bit nicer to deal with.