Shock Hank: The Legend?

Shock Hank: The Legend?

Shock Hank is an old-school tagger… and we know nothing about him.

After some internet research, all we know is that this guy gets around. We found this piece around Juniper and Sansom, and some questions were left with us: Did he do the mural, or just tag the top of it? Was it just doing something for the sake of the score? I’ve seen this around for nearly 10 years, and its never been cleaned or changed, unlike that Shepard Fairey piece in Fishtown.

So, does anyone else have any info here? Or is it just as simple just another tag?

EDIT: Thanks to our commenter on the help! Shock and Hank are two separate taggers.

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2 Responses to Shock Hank: The Legend?

  1. Anonymous

    I love your blog, its nice to have documentation of street art in philly. SHOCK and HANK are two separate people. That form of tag is called a roller and while I can't say for certain im willing to lay my life down that they did not produce the mural.

  2. dudeNo Gravatar

    i understand you guys have a passion for people outwardly expressing themselves through art in the streets, but who ever does these write ups doesn’t know anything about graffiti….and you take pictures of really bad graffiti. please learn the difference…Shock and Hank is good graffiti good job. they tore philly up.

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