About Advertising on Tag-This

As you may have noticed, we have added an ad to the blog. This is something we’re both sad to do and also incredibly excited about.

So let me explain: We want to do a lot more with this blog. A WHOLE lot more. Ever since we launched this blog, we said we wanted to make it bigger and better, and the idea is to gain some revenue so we can do a lot of these things. Stuff like making stickers for you guys to put everywhere, pay for our hosting to awesome things that… well, we can’t tell you yet. You’ll know soon enough.

But, if you are interested in advertising on our blog about Philly Street Art, easily the best one in Philly (in our humble opinion), we’re more than happy for the chance.

Drop us a line at admin at tagthisphilly.com and we’ll talk.

People trying to sell diabetic test strip or people buying junk cars need not apply.

-The Management

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