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Occupy Philly - Power to the Peaceful

We’ve been silent on the blog because we’ve been busy on the streets.

Pipelines and myself have been silently trying to help on the front lines of #OccupyPhilly. We’ve been relatively busy out there, marching with people and directing people around. We haven’t been there 24/7, but we have been there a lot. Currently we were asked to come and talk to the art group of OccupyPhilly. Our contact with the group asked them why they needed us, a graffiti blog, to help them.

They don’t need us. They need YOU.

We know how some artists feel about political street art. We’ve seen the WNR crew do some work, and they want more! Come down and help them with some art, making posters, and doing some awesome chalk drawings! Go down there and talk to the art folks and find a way to help.

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