Occupy Philly – The Aztec Invasion!

Occupy Aztec 1

Occupy Aztec 2

I was really intrigued by this! I was walking by a few days ago and saw this on the ground done in chalk. Its an incredibly elaborate design, and just mind blowing to look at!

EDIT: Turns out this was done by Harlequinade Art! AWESOME!

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2 Responses to Occupy Philly – The Aztec Invasion!

  1. 927No Gravatar

    I see nothing in this indicating an Aztec influence. The outer circle is obviously the Zodiac Signs, the sun-like image in the center seems to possibly contain a Lao’s Veve from Haitian voodoo. The additional symbols in the inner circle are mostly likely chaos magick sigils but could be from an alternate languae I am not recognizing. The Triangles and crosses seem very much along the lines of Solomonic evocation and the overall design seems akin to Heptameron magic circle design – both of these are European Middle age Grimoires. This artist is displaying a clear interest in manipulating the local environment through subtle means along the lines of various Western Magickal Traditions.

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