The Harlequinade Has Come to Town!

I spotted this back on January 2nd, and I’m kicking myself for not posting this sooner.

Back in October we posted something we called “The Aztec Invasion” where we were captivated by this insanely awesome piece that was done in chalk at Occupy Philly. I spotted the people working on it but never asked anything about it. At the same time, we never really tried to research who may had done it or its meaning.

So imagine my surprise when not only did I find out who was behind it, but was also behind this little discovery from New Years!

Harlequinade Art has a fairly simple mission: A Living Graphical Urban Grimoire. To that end, they’ve already excelled at it!

We’re keeping out eyes out for anything else we can find from these amazing artists! The insane amount of detail in these wheat paste’s just blow my mind, and I can’t tell you just how much I really enjoy finding them! This one was along 2nd Street in Old City, and these masters of the craft tend to hit in and around Center City, so hopefully you’re never too far away from yet another masterpiece!

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