Harlequinade in Fishtown / Northern Liberties

Normally no one ever bothers us when we’re out taking photos. In fact, I don’t think we do. When we took these shots a few weeks ago someone actually asked us what we were doing and seemed a little concerned.

That story doesn’t have much to do with the actual piece, but it does make me wonder a bit how much trouble the people who do this actually get into sometimes, or how little.

Harlequinade has these awesome wheat pastes in Fishtown/ Northern Liberties located under the El.

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One Response to Harlequinade in Fishtown / Northern Liberties

  1. HarlequinadeNo Gravatar

    Oh man…there are definitely some crazy self-righteous vigilantes out there. Pasting seems to generally be more accepted by the masses, but some bros have gotten pretty militant when they’ve seen me using paint. Anyways, thanks for the love!

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