About Us

They say superhero’s don’t exist in this world. I tend to beg to differ.

Yeah, there may not be people running around in tights, flying around, or beating bad guys who are trying to take over the world, but there are people underground trying to make this city a little better.

I’m not one of them. Instead, I just document them.

Tag-This was created to show that Philadelphia had a really awesome, a really interesting and unique street art scene. Around you and me, around everyone in Philly, is a nearly secret language of art happening around at any given time at any given place. Street art is unlike any other form of art namely because of how short the lifespan of it is. In a lot of ways, it much like the flowers in a dying urban landscape.

I see street art as one of the most intimate and real ways to communicate and interact with the world around you by trying to make it look nicer. Its actually more about beauty and creation than destruction of property, although I think its safe to say that most people who have to clean it up would beg to differ. The artists shown here are the ones that me and my partner-in-art have decided are worth the exposure. Our plan is to show the stuff we think matters, the stuff that’s amazing and interesting. The stuff that makes us proud to call Philly our home.

Street artists are the superhero of the underclass and the working artists of the world. They fight back against the injustices of a world that thinks billboards and bus stop ads are more respectable than artist-created images of beauty and joy.

To all the street artists, we two at Tag-This say this: ” Be Dangerous…. and unpredictable… and make a LOT OF NOISE!”