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YNK – “Like Me on FB!”

YNK - Like me on Facebook!

So while in Northern Liberties / North Philly (You know, sometimes I think that depends on who you ask), we came across this. I had a good chuckle, since it really does show how far social networking online has become a part of our entire culture. It’s a really sweet throw-up and wildstyle piece!


Bale and the TSU Crew - Wild Style Tag

While walking around Vine Street, I came across the semi-abandoned building around 10th Street. It looks like they’re back to work on it, but it seems Bale and the TSU Crew is on it, too! Awesome Wildstyle Tag!



Philly Street Artists: WHY SO SERIOUS?

Pipelines and I finally got to Northern Liberties, and while we were sniffing around the Piazza at Schmidt’s after hitting Jinxed and Creep Records, we found this awesome little piece on an abandoned building.

Its done by local up-and-comer LiesInPhila, who has an amazing website showing his work and an added benefit of checking out where they’ve been that was last updated in July. I think we have some traveling to do.

Fun with Olso

North Philly
At an abandoned train station and on the side of a building:

Olso’s tag was all over that part of North Philly. We saw it at least 3 more times that day.
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– pipelines

That Old PGW Building

I need to actually get closer to this building!

In this photo from left to right: Skrew, Nekst Avoid, Sore, Akn, and Skero.

Medic, Gee Bat., and Touch: Light Up the Sky!

Medic,, Gee Bat, and Touch have lit up the skyline of Center City with their awesome work at the top of this building around 11th and Sansom Streets. The thing that makes this better? The fact that we’ve got some amazing spray paint work in Center City!!!!