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ART JAM! Krispy Kremer, Golden Boy, Zigy Mewl, and Asker

I think I actually know everyone in here, so please correct me if I’m wrong:

From left to right, clockwise: Krispy Kremer, Golden Boy, Asker, and Zigy Mewl.

I found this awesome piece of art around 4th and Market, and its a million times better than anything Philadelphia City Paper has published in a LONG time!

Sticker Jam! – UWP, El Toro, and More!

Sticker Jam! - UWP, El Toro, and More!

From left to right: UWP, El Toro, Asker, Walruce, and Alo.

You can see Krispy Kreme in the bottom-right of the photo, too!

Awesome work by everyone! I just wished I got there sooner so I could get a better shot!

Sticker Jam! Krispy Kremer, Walsule, R2F, and a LOT more!

Still learning the scene, so I need help with the names…

I love it when a bunch of artists get together and make something interesting together than instead of a bunch on their own.

Top Row: Cassius, Asker, Krispy Kremer, and Walruce.
Second Row: Walruce, Asker, Krispy Kremer, and R2F with Ant in between them.

Love the humor on this one: “No Fat Chix!” “Yes Fat Chix!”