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Forgotten Stickers

Forgotten Stickers

In an honor box not too far from City Hall is this, the remnants of various stickers long forgotten in Center City. Dash, UWP, WTF, and countless others are presented here. Remember the fallen!!

Edit: Also included: ROG!, Phobia, and GORM as well.

Sticker Jam: Dash, Rob, Radius, and More!

From left to right: Dash, Rog!, Radius, and Dogma!

I really dig the rats on this! They’re really cute and fun, and the artist obviously had a lot of fun doing them! Dash’s signature on this is really interesting, and watching this street artists tag change based on the situation is really interesting! Rog! shows some love in this jam, and this is Radius’s first real introduction on the blog! Radius, we have a bunch of your stuff and will being posting in the next week!

Congrats to all, keep up the awesome work!