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UWP and the 33 Crew

UWP - 33 Crew - Awesomeness

The 33 Crew has had this sticker floating around, but this was the first sticker I’ve seen where UWP went over it with a piece of his own!

In it (from top left to right):
UWP, Bob Will Reign, josh, NoseGo, Robots Will Kill, NoseGo (again), Robots Will Kill (again), Ticky, El Toro, and ROG!

El Toro Special!

We’ve been fans of El Toro since we started the blog, and one day we hope to meet this incredible street artist in person and do an interview (El Toro, if you see this, you can always send us an e-mail at)! Until then, we’re content with posting any and all of the awesome stickers we see from him around Philadelphia.

El Toro - EVOKER

El Toro - EVOKER

El Toro w/ XXXX by Meme War next door

El Toro w/ XXXX by Meme War next door


Sticker Jam! – UWP, El Toro, and More!

Sticker Jam! - UWP, El Toro, and More!

From left to right: UWP, El Toro, Asker, Walruce, and Alo.

You can see Krispy Kreme in the bottom-right of the photo, too!

Awesome work by everyone! I just wished I got there sooner so I could get a better shot!

ULTIMATE Sticker Jam: 33: The Space Collective

I’ll say it now: THIS IS AWESOME!

The 33 is a crew started by Under Water Pirates (UWP) and is made up by some incredibly talented artists! I was lucky enough to catch this one in Center City on an Honor Box around 8th and Chestnut! Keep up the awesome work!

From Top Left – clockwise: Bob Will Reign, josh?, Arks Da Shark, UWP with Dash, WTF, Ticky, El Toro, ROG!, and in the middle Goest.

ULTIMATE Sticker Jam: 33: The Space Collective


From left to right:
Ticky, El Toro, josh?, Under Water Pirates (UWP), and Bob Will Reign. The Sticky Bandits!!

Awesome, right?!

Found on a Philly City Paper Honor Box in Chinatown in December, this is the embodiment of Philly street art! Five of the coolest street artists working together to create a really amazing piece that also comments on the situation.