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Know GeeBat and O.D.D.Ball in a Lot

Know GeeBat OddBall - Lot 1

While scurrying around Center City, I found a neat little mouse hole that led to some amazing pieces! This location is in Center City and leads from an alleyway that you will easily miss. Know and GeeBat did some great pieces, and O.D.D.Ball’s ghost appears as well! Check out the gallery below and see it in its full detail! If you look close enough you’ll also see A-Game, Medic, Agro, and countless others!

Medic, Gee Bat., and Touch: Light Up the Sky!

Medic,, Gee Bat, and Touch have lit up the skyline of Center City with their awesome work at the top of this building around 11th and Sansom Streets. The thing that makes this better? The fact that we’ve got some amazing spray paint work in Center City!!!!

Tagger’s Paradise: South Philly

Tagger's Paradise: South Philly

I just had to share these shots. South Philly was amazing, and it was great seeing so many great tags! Gee Bat, Caze, Melo, Bad, Padae, DRD, and countless others populated this abandoned building in South Philly, and it was an honor and a privileged to get as much as me and Pipelines did! It was an incredible display of Wild Style, and raw expression, and it was simply great!

Tagger's Paradise: South Philly

Tagger's Paradise: South Philly

Somewhere in Nowhere…

A few people hit the last chimney in North Philly around Allegheny Ave, including Gee Bat.

This used to be part of a much larger factory on the spot that was connected to the now storage center across the bridge from it. This is all part of what used to be a massive factory in North Philly that is now long since gone.