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Fishtown Bookstore got BOMBED!

Fishtown Bookstore Wall

Well, it always looked like it was, yuk yuk.

We were strolling along Frankford Ave and we came across this wonderful art jam! We don’t normally see a lot of Art Jams… plenty of sticker collaborations, but not a lot in terms of full-blown pieces. From GetUp’s Dancing Bandits and Ben Franklin with a boom box, to NoseGo and his insane tiger with Lazer Eyes, Buildsy and his Alfred E. Neuman paste-up, not to mention that sweet Mickey Mouse… this is just awesome! I couldn’t believe it when I saw it, and even now I can’t believe what it was that I was able to capture! Its always a pleasure when the local artists are allowed to really flex their artistic muscles and create some amazing pieces!



This wheat paste was on the back of an honor box at 12th and Market in May, and it actually refers to a legend that he walked into a Georgetown back in the late 90’s and yelled, you guessed it, “Who Wants to Sex Mutombo?!” Plus Thomas Buildmore’s piece is in the background!