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I Love The Rez

These are from last fall, but the fact remains that I love going to The Rez! Ever since last summer when O.D.D.Ball, Yeroc, and Eaze took us there, we’ve always enjoyed going there and back. We went back on out own last fall and got to actually relax a little and take a ton of shots. The main thing I enjoy about this place is all the years of street art that you’ll find.


Oh, and my favorite…. BURNING RABBIT HEAD OF DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Yeroc Sticker shows a 3rd Eye!

Yeroc has a new line of really awesome stickers that have been popping-up around Philly, and right now, I blame myself for not actually reading the signature until now! These three-eyed guys have been in various places, this one on a payphone at Juniper and Chestnut.

Its incredibly interesting, and I really dig it! Keep up the great work with these new stickers!

EDIT: Originally I credited Medic for this, not Yeroc. My apologies and thanks for the correction.

Yeroc Spotted in a Back Alley!

Awesome! Just… AWESOME! Found this piece by Yeroc on Juniper Street in Center City on the side of the abandoned building that used to house Valu-Plus. Really love this piece, and THIS is what I want to see more of in the city on a whole! Really cool, really interesting, and REALLY BIG pieces like this!

It’s been a while since we’ve mentioned Yeroc on this blog, and my apologies for that. We haven’t seen much of your work, but we wanted to give a shout out! I also need an education in this one: Diap? And the other one… not really sure here…

OddBall Turns You to Stone!

I had never seen anything by OddBall around, but I really love the style he brings! Also some love to Yeroc as well for the dog! I found this on the side of a dumpster around Juniper and Walnut. Really odd spot, but no problem for a dirty rat like me!

OddBall Turns You to Stone!