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ART JAM! Krispy Kremer, Golden Boy, Zigy Mewl, and Asker

I think I actually know everyone in here, so please correct me if I’m wrong:

From left to right, clockwise: Krispy Kremer, Golden Boy, Asker, and Zigy Mewl.

I found this awesome piece of art around 4th and Market, and its a million times better than anything Philadelphia City Paper has published in a LONG time!

City Hall Sticker Jam: Zigy Mewl, OBDK, and More!

Well, another election ended last night, but the trash can outside of City Hall is chock full of awesome stickers! Zigy Mewl has an awesome sticker and did a really neat coloring job (looks a little Hawaiian), and some of these stickers are sheer art! Any help on who’s who in this is greatly appreciated!

ZIGY MEWL is Going to EAT YOU!

I really dig Zigy Mewl and his interesting creatures! This street artist is always coming up with really odd creatures, and its always fun to discover a new one! Thanks for cranking up the toon factor! Also, props to Under Water Pirates for the sweet “Hello, My Name Is” Stickers!