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South Philly Graffiti Truck!

As you may have noticed from today’s posts, me and Pipelines hit up South Philly not too long ago, and in our travels we immediately came across this: A Truck covered in graffiti! In case you haven’t realized it… it’s hard to do.

Aura, Sane, Eptic, Karate, Curve, and more hit up this truck and it looks GREAT! Keep it up, guys! We love!

Hanksy Strikes Philly!

Hanksy has struck in Philly, and we are more than pleased to have him!

Myself? I love Hanksy! Being a big on Banksy, this was pretty damn clever! It’s a fun, awesome piece that speaks a lot about contemporary pop culture as well as the world of Street Art itself, not to mention it’s just plain goofy!

This little dude was found around Broad and Passyunk, and we are more to proud to have him in Philly! Keep up the awesome workand I think its safe to say most people into art are glad to have ‘ya!

Below is a detail of the wall it was taken on. We just hope no one removes it!

JFK Seen at Atwater Kent Muesum, then Promptly Assainated

Bold. Simply bold.

Some enterprising person took to 7th Street armed with little more than a stencil of JFK and black spray paint went and created something really cool and interesting.

I rarely go into this sort of commentary, but Center City is kind of a weird thing; I’m complained at times about how it seems like its limited, yet when you look at certain places like a certain abandoned building around Chestnut and Sansom, you see some really good pieces. Center City isn’t London, and the reality is that this is a cat-and-mouse game, isn’t it?

Which is where JFK comes into this.

This is a really cool repeating image, and whoever did this was taking one hell of a chance… and also wasn’t. This doorway is somewhat hidden thanks to the walls, but its in a high-traffic area that’s across the street from a school and cameras.

It’s a really neat and cool piece, and I’m say to say that even though it withstood most of Monday, it was painted over by 6PM the same day. Its a reminder that the nature of Street Art is temporary, and that if you’re lucky enough to see it, even if only for a few brief moments, you truly are lucky.

…although, I don’t remember John F. Kennedy having such a fat chin.

NOM NOW – Together We Can Make it Better

Nom Now – A Collective that is trying their best to come up with some incredible street art! This piece is on the currently-abandoned building around 6th and Banbridge. The print is awesome and its interesting to see its done in pieces.

Here’s a full version of the piece:

Keep up the phenomenal work and keeping the Philly Street Art Scene interesting!


Hypnos has burst onto the scene in Philly with one loud massive BANG! I found a ton of her stickers, and I really do dig them! It’s incredibly interesting, and really nice to see! There is a lot, and I mean A LOT, of stickers by this person up and down Broad Street! I got as many shots as I could, and I will be posting a bit of them!