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“Little Bambino” Town Watch

This…. this is just weird.

I found this in South Philly around, of all places, Pat’s and Geno’s. While little can be found online about the sign, from what I can tell its just really old, and the typography seems to indicate that it was made in the 60’s, maybe even the 50’s. It was also hand-painted. Keep in mind, this is just my opinion.

In a way, it may be the oldest installation in Philadelphia. It’s been there for decades, and I doubt anyone would want to remove it.

Nude Girl Installation


Along South Street, there are a few choice installs! I’ve been meaning to go down and just get all of them, but time hasn’t really allowed me to do so. I’m glad I got this one, though! Hey, anytime I get to take a shot of a naked girl on the street I’m thrilled! Featuring Mike Die, Royce B, and Russell King.