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The South Philly Playground

Not too far from Broad Street or even the High School for the Arts lies a playground next to an antenna. The area is in decent shape, if just a little rough around the edges. Back in March we found this place, and the wall of Wild Style and Freestyle tags that had been hit countless times over. More than anything, its a document of when we were there. We don’t know if its been painted over since then, or if new taggers have made their mark or not.

Nevertheless, we did our best to catalog what we found, and we sincerely hope you enjoy our findings! We plan on going on more trips outside and down south soon.

Hanksy Strikes Philly!

Hanksy has struck in Philly, and we are more than pleased to have him!

Myself? I love Hanksy! Being a big on Banksy, this was pretty damn clever! It’s a fun, awesome piece that speaks a lot about contemporary pop culture as well as the world of Street Art itself, not to mention it’s just plain goofy!

This little dude was found around Broad and Passyunk, and we are more to proud to have him in Philly! Keep up the awesome workand I think its safe to say most people into art are glad to have ‘ya!

Below is a detail of the wall it was taken on. We just hope no one removes it!

One Nation, Under Exxon

Some of my favorite street art is political commentary, and back last summer on South Broad there was a lot of it! With the state of corporations influencing the political discourse of America, as well as the fact they are now allowed to give as much money as they please to elections, this piece is even more real then when it first went up.

Another detail of a much larger photo, I really am impressed by the fact that someone did one hell of a print! I think it’s a block-print…

Battle Angles!

While going through my files, I found a bunch of photos from last June. There were some boards on South Broad Street that were basically open-season for any and all street artists. Its a shame that they’re long gone now, as there was some truly remarkable pieces of art on there.

I saw this piece and really dug the battle angles.