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Harlequinade of Bainbridge – Update

I went back to get a photo of Harlequinade’s latest piece, and at first couldn’t find it. Instead I found two guys loading some stuff into a building through the doorway that, you guessed it, had this image on it. I wound up asking the guy if he could let me take a photo of it, and he was more than accommodating.

Harlequinade, I think you’ve got a hit!

I really like this piece! There’s a aura of muted spirituality to it as well as mystery. I’m glad I went back and got a better shot of it.

UWP’s Big Giant Head!

Hanging out with Pipelines, we were walking down Chestnut Street when we spotted this! The funny thing? I’ve actually have passed the building this is on a lot since it seems it was first put up, and it incredibly easy to miss. That makes the piece even better because you actually need to slow down in order to realize its even there. It also turns out its been up for a week.

One of the coolest things about UWP’s pieces is the fact that they always tend to last wherever they are. I remember posting a giant sticker he posted on the side of a Inquirer box on Market Street, and it was there for months and months!

The Pier – Part 4

The Pier was huge. Cavernous. Incredible.

When you’re a kid, you imagine finding ancient ruins, lost cities, and new worlds. When you’re an adult and you accomplish this goal, a feeling of both pride and nostalgia washes over you, cleansing you of all your inhibitions and fears and it beckons you to embark on this new quest.

Against the water and hidden from prying eyes, The Pier was just breathtaking. The years were not kind to most of it, but the decay was just perfect. It was, without a doubt, the most stable and safest abandoned structure we had ever gone to. The place had to be at least 3 city blocks long, maybe more. Every single tower in the place was covered in tags! Hands, wildstyles, pieces, throw-ups. Everything and everyone was represented!

“You know what would be awesome?,” I asked Pipelines.
“I don’t know, what?”
“If you had a paintball fight here! It’s perfect!”

That was when I noticed that a lot of the towers were, in fact, covered with paintball bullets. I guess I wasn’t the only one to realize this.

Over the course of an hour, maybe even more, we were in awe of this behemoth. We ran around examining almost every inch. We even yelled and scream in joy because, for once, we could. No one awaiting the corner to possibly attack us, no cops waiting to bust us. No, none of that. All we had was the peace and joy of a new fort.

As we left, we passed someone who seemed to just arrive to take photos. We exchanged glances and smiles; we knew they were about to have the time of their lives.

NoseGo – Evolving Philly Street Art

One thing I love seeing in Street Art, especially in Philly, are people willing to go the extra mile, to push things to a level that otherwise is untouched. In recent weeks, this has been no more apparent than in the work of NoseGo, a Philadelphia-based artist who has gone above and beyond the realms of traditional street art in Philly lately.

I’ve posted a bit of his work a lot lately, each piece seeming pushing things to another level. The level of detailing in the paintings alone are enough to give pause:

Happy Smiling Cat by NoseGo

Happy Smiling Cat by NoseGo

The almost mind-blowing thing is simply asking how this was done! Part of me thinks its just as simple as it was already done and pasted all at once, yet at the same time I think it was painted on the spot! Not only that… but how wasn’t he seen? Then again, these little mysteries make things like this even better!

To call him the Philly Banksy is a bit much. The simple truth is that he’s his own animal with a good sense of humor. Stumbling upon one of his pieces, you’re bound to find a craftsmanship of a fine artist (according to his website, he is / went to University of the Arts), but humor as well.

Not too far from this piece is an awesome piece of Star Wars-based art:

Storm Trooper by NoseGo

Storm Trooper by NoseGo

Awesome, isn’t it?! The scale of it, and not only that, but the location of it makes it even cooler! This is on an honor box in Philly located on Walnut Street. Hand-painted RIGHT on the box!

Here is a photo for scale:

NoseGo's Storm Trooper on Walnut Street

NoseGo's Storm Trooper on Walnut Street

Stuff like this reminds me of how cool the arts can be in Philly, and the fact that we have, easily, one of the best street art scenes on the entire East Coast!