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ART JAM! Krispy Kremer, Golden Boy, Zigy Mewl, and Asker

I think I actually know everyone in here, so please correct me if I’m wrong:

From left to right, clockwise: Krispy Kremer, Golden Boy, Asker, and Zigy Mewl.

I found this awesome piece of art around 4th and Market, and its a million times better than anything Philadelphia City Paper has published in a LONG time!

Prada: Now in Girl with a Gun Form!

When I found that Hanksy, I also found this at 6th and Banbridge. It’s a sweet paste-up of a woman with a fun over a Free Mason’s symbol covered in a Prada-like pattern. I have no idea what it means (Mass commercialism of militarism? The Free Masons Rule the Country?), but it looks awesome!

Nose Know Luchadores!

Nose Know Luchadores!

In the Italian Market is a wall that shows work form some famous street artists, including Shepard Fairey and homegrown talent Nose. I’m not sure if he also did the two luchadores, but the style and art is really weird and interesting!

Hanksy Strikes Philly!

Hanksy has struck in Philly, and we are more than pleased to have him!

Myself? I love Hanksy! Being a big on Banksy, this was pretty damn clever! It’s a fun, awesome piece that speaks a lot about contemporary pop culture as well as the world of Street Art itself, not to mention it’s just plain goofy!

This little dude was found around Broad and Passyunk, and we are more to proud to have him in Philly! Keep up the awesome workand I think its safe to say most people into art are glad to have ‘ya!

Below is a detail of the wall it was taken on. We just hope no one removes it!