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UWP’s Big Giant Head!

Hanging out with Pipelines, we were walking down Chestnut Street when we spotted this! The funny thing? I’ve actually have passed the building this is on a lot since it seems it was first put up, and it incredibly easy to miss. That makes the piece even better because you actually need to slow down in order to realize its even there. It also turns out its been up for a week.

One of the coolest things about UWP’s pieces is the fact that they always tend to last wherever they are. I remember posting a giant sticker he posted on the side of a Inquirer box on Market Street, and it was there for months and months!

Sticker Jam: UWP, R2F, Bad Dog, and More

Sticker Jam: UWP, R2F, Bad Dog, and More

Man, this one is nuts! Let”s see:

UWP, Zer, Arks da Shark, Bad Dog, Yerp, USM, R2F, and more!


They Call Me... MISTER KREMES!

So…. yeah… this is easily the most disturbing piece of street art I’ve seen. Ever. Congrats!

UWP can be seen with a tube of lube while Slup holds a vibrating vibrator. Mister Kremes…. I…. I think they’re looking at you.