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I’m a big fan of pieces….

Wherever I can find them. Here’s some near Spring Garden:

Some wild style:

Tober is one of the most sought after artists by Philly law enforcement. He is literally all over the city. We found this one the other day.

In other news, we want to move this blog someplace a little more ‘official’. Ideas?
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The South Philly Playground

Not too far from Broad Street or even the High School for the Arts lies a playground next to an antenna. The area is in decent shape, if just a little rough around the edges. Back in March we found this place, and the wall of Wild Style and Freestyle tags that had been hit countless times over. More than anything, its a document of when we were there. We don’t know if its been painted over since then, or if new taggers have made their mark or not.

Nevertheless, we did our best to catalog what we found, and we sincerely hope you enjoy our findings! We plan on going on more trips outside and down south soon.