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UWP and the 33 Crew

UWP - 33 Crew - Awesomeness

The 33 Crew has had this sticker floating around, but this was the first sticker I’ve seen where UWP went over it with a piece of his own!

In it (from top left to right):
UWP, Bob Will Reign, josh, NoseGo, Robots Will Kill, NoseGo (again), Robots Will Kill (again), Ticky, El Toro, and ROG!

Sticker Jam: UWP, R2F, Bad Dog, and More

Sticker Jam: UWP, R2F, Bad Dog, and More

Man, this one is nuts! Let”s see:

UWP, Zer, Arks da Shark, Bad Dog, Yerp, USM, R2F, and more!


They Call Me... MISTER KREMES!

So…. yeah… this is easily the most disturbing piece of street art I’ve seen. Ever. Congrats!

UWP can be seen with a tube of lube while Slup holds a vibrating vibrator. Mister Kremes…. I…. I think they’re looking at you.