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MAD Vs. Cancer

Both myself and Pipelines were heartbroken to hear that Shaun Baron, a.k.a. MAD (ESC KD WH NSF crews and co-founder of the INFAMOUS MAG) was stricken with Stage 4 Cancer in various organs, a diagnosis he got only a few days into the new year. Shaun has no insurance, lives on workman’s comp, and has a wife and 2 kids. It’s insanely screwed up, and we just couldn’t believe it when we heard it. The guy has a massive talent, and his magazine has inspired us to push ourselves as much as possible in what we do in covering the street art scene. We wish him the absolute best and hope he has a quick recovery!

There’s a few ways to help:

You can either buy some awesome stickers

You can donate some art

If you want, you can send him some cash directly through PayPal right here.

For more information please check out MAD vs. CANCER.

Also, thanks to NoseGo for the heads-up and Philebrity and their commentators for the tips and help.