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The Divine Lorraine Hotel is Getting a Facelift

The Divine Lorraine - 2011

About a month ago, myself and Pipelines did our first bit of going out and getting Street Art photos in a while, or as some call it “Urban Exploring”. We went to a few places, but everywhere we went it seemed some douchebag hipster was either there first or right after we arrived. We bit our tongues and tried our best to just do what we do. Nevertheless, it eventually got to us when we got to the Divine Lorraine. Now, we’re no strangers to the fact that, yes, this place is not only a mecha for street artists but also urban explorers. I can’t tell you how many tales I’ve heard of people nearly getting killed in there for one reason or another. So to see a couple of guys just waltz in kinda annoyed us since we tend to take more care when we go to these places, namely not being brazen about it. But I digress.

The fact is, the City of Philadelphia is talking about rehabbing the property. Granted, there’s been talk about this for forever and a day, but this time it seems to have some legs.

The Divine Lorraine - 2011

There are hundreds of photos of the exterior and interior, and some lucky people have gotten in and out of there over the past few years. In 2006, the building was sold and the gutting began of the interior. Sadly, that would be the most progress the building would see for a long time. Since then, the building has fallen more and more into disrepair.

But with this great beauty comes great danger. The incredibly blizzards of 2011 and the following torrential downpours that summer have wrecked havoc on this already crumbling Goliath. People have already gotten hurt. The most amazing story I heard was of someone falling 3 stories and surviving. If you go in there, be as careful as possible. With all the recent reports of the upcoming rehab, I know there are going to be dozens and dozens of people who are going to think its pretty easy and fun to get in there and walk around. Keep in mind that not only is this place over a hundred years old, its also been on the verge of crumbling for over a decade now. Over the past 5 years its had hundreds of taggers and explorers, and no one to really keep up.

So, please, be safe and respect the building and neighbors if you check it out. Thanks.