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Nude Skater in South Philly

This neat little sticker was in South Philly when I was going for a little walk.

At 8th and Washington, after a lot of walking, I came across a Lobster Shack. In the back were two vending machines for Coke and Pepsi. Lo and behold, it sold cans for only 50 cents! FIFTY CENTS! How often do you find that?! So as I got a can of Coke and hung out, I spotted this sweet sticker right next to the machines.

“Little Bambino” Town Watch

This…. this is just weird.

I found this in South Philly around, of all places, Pat’s and Geno’s. While little can be found online about the sign, from what I can tell its just really old, and the typography seems to indicate that it was made in the 60’s, maybe even the 50’s. It was also hand-painted. Keep in mind, this is just my opinion.

In a way, it may be the oldest installation in Philadelphia. It’s been there for decades, and I doubt anyone would want to remove it.

Gaia’s Pigeons in South Philly

These awesome pieces by Gaia were around parts of South Philly, and I have to give him credit for braving some rough neighborhoods all in the name of art!

These wheat paste’s are huge and really bring life to an area that needs some art. To me, this is one of the better examples of art being used in a community to bring something fun and interesting to the area, something that the Mural Arts Department needs to relearn.

Real Street Art Crews Don’t Do This…

During the time we’ve worked on this blog, we’ve had the benefit of learning what street art really is, and we’ve met some of the people behind the local scene. At one point we even got to meet some crews. One thing they all know is that you only create, not destroy, and if you’re going to film yourselves doing what you do, you never show your face.

Then we have this video from Wreck Locals…

On Christmas day, these 4 guys went out and decided to live up to their name and wreck everything they could while tagging “WL” everywhere they could. The story broke when security footage was released by Fox29, and soon one of the teens themselves posted a video of themselves doing the damage. OK, that’s dumb in and of itself. You have a video of you and your friends committing crimes and showing your faces. Man, it can’t get any dumber than this.

That’s when we all learned he had other videos:

At last check, they’ve all been arrested.

We don’t really like to laugh or make fun of taggers getting arrested, but these aren’t serious guys. They’re not out there to create or do something interesting, they’re just out to destroy things.

People who regularly read this blog know that people who tag and create stickers, by and large, aren’t out to destroy things. The difference between street art and vandalism is both in intent and how it’s carried out. Street artists seek to transform the world around them in creative and constructive ways, while someone committing an act of vandalism such as destroying a car is just trying to hurt the community and the people around it.

I don’t normally get philosophical, but really, idiots like this ruin it for everyone else.

The South Philly Playground

Not too far from Broad Street or even the High School for the Arts lies a playground next to an antenna. The area is in decent shape, if just a little rough around the edges. Back in March we found this place, and the wall of Wild Style and Freestyle tags that had been hit countless times over. More than anything, its a document of when we were there. We don’t know if its been painted over since then, or if new taggers have made their mark or not.

Nevertheless, we did our best to catalog what we found, and we sincerely hope you enjoy our findings! We plan on going on more trips outside and down south soon.