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Harlequinade of Bainbridge – Update

I went back to get a photo of Harlequinade’s latest piece, and at first couldn’t find it. Instead I found two guys loading some stuff into a building through the doorway that, you guessed it, had this image on it. I wound up asking the guy if he could let me take a photo of it, and he was more than accommodating.

Harlequinade, I think you’ve got a hit!

I really like this piece! There’s a aura of muted spirituality to it as well as mystery. I’m glad I went back and got a better shot of it.

I Miss 611 Record’s Graffiti Wall

611 Record's Graffiti Wall

When I was younger, I used to love to go to 4th and South and head over to Repo Records as well as Relapse Records. I never actually cared for 611 Records, though, but they ALWAYS had the best art on the side of their building! I took this photo back in the summer of 2005 before I really started shooting street art, but even then I knew I had to get it!

I remember talking to someone about this and they said they actually tended to change it up every few months. I still remember when they had this incredibly sick Metallica piece on there, and I’m pretty sure it was Master of Puppets! Its a shame the wall has been since painted over and no new pieces have popped up in the last few years.

XXXX From Meme War

XXXX From Meme War

So I’ll be honest and blunt; I’ve seen a LOT of stickers from Meme War popping up around Philly. In fact, “A LOT” feels like an understatement! Almost ever other block has one of their stickers in Center City! I haven’t posted any because none of them really stuck out. While walking around South Street I found THIS!

Its an amazing piece, and for me, the surprise was finding out it was created by none other than Meme War! As an added surprise, after doing a tiny bit of research, I found out they’re actually responsible for some other interesting pieces I’ve found and even posted!

With that said, I wanted to give props to these guys for being awesome!

Rise of the Philly Apes!

While cruising down 4th Street past South, I spotted a few Chimps adorning honor boxes along my way and had to get a few shots! Viral marketing ploy for the new Rise of the Planet of the Apes film, or just plain fucking awesome street art of some monkeys by some unknown artist?

Rise of the Philly Apes

Rise of the Philly Apes

Oh, and an added bonus? A sweet UWP piece!

EDIT: Thanks to our tipster for informing me these are actually by Gaper from L.A.!