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Bad Dog has a… HEART ATTACK!

Bad Dog has a... HEART ATTACK!

Bad Dog piece found at 30th Street Station. Looks like the dog went and had a heart attack!

I always dug Bad Dog because their work reminds me a bit of Tex Avery along with Two Stupid Dogs and just all the awesome random cartoons of the 1990’s.

ULTIMATE Sticker Jam: 33: The Space Collective

I’ll say it now: THIS IS AWESOME!

The 33 is a crew started by Under Water Pirates (UWP) and is made up by some incredibly talented artists! I was lucky enough to catch this one in Center City on an Honor Box around 8th and Chestnut! Keep up the awesome work!

From Top Left – clockwise: Bob Will Reign, josh?, Arks Da Shark, UWP with Dash, WTF, Ticky, El Toro, ROG!, and in the middle Goest.

ULTIMATE Sticker Jam: 33: The Space Collective