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We found Sensi in both places we went this past weekend. I think that warrants a post:

Spray paint on a dilapidated wall

The Pier, Part 2

I wasn’t sure what to expect, as I was going off of one somewhat promising picture I saw. It reminded me of The Rez in that there were so many detailed pieces because the place was relatively undisturbed. Unfortunately, quite a few of the pieces were faded because of rain and winter weather. Still there were many awesome ones, familiar and unfamiliar, that remained preserved.

Here are a couple of the broad sides. More to come this week.

The broad side of a pier, covered in graffitti

The broad side of a pier, covered in graffitti

I Love The Rez

These are from last fall, but the fact remains that I love going to The Rez! Ever since last summer when O.D.D.Ball, Yeroc, and Eaze took us there, we’ve always enjoyed going there and back. We went back on out own last fall and got to actually relax a little and take a ton of shots. The main thing I enjoy about this place is all the years of street art that you’ll find.


Oh, and my favorite…. BURNING RABBIT HEAD OF DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YNK – “Like Me on FB!”

YNK - Like me on Facebook!

So while in Northern Liberties / North Philly (You know, sometimes I think that depends on who you ask), we came across this. I had a good chuckle, since it really does show how far social networking online has become a part of our entire culture. It’s a really sweet throw-up and wildstyle piece!

Throw-Ups? I’ll Tell you what I think of THROW-UPS!

Throw-Ups? I'll Tell you what I think of THROW-UPS!

“Throw-ups make me throw up. If Graffiti is the true voice of the struglin’ people, what are we saying?”

Found in North Philly around 7th and Cecil B. Moore. Admittedly, I agree with the message. Its an interesting point, and one I think should be seriously considered.

Tagger’s Paradise: South Philly

Tagger's Paradise: South Philly

I just had to share these shots. South Philly was amazing, and it was great seeing so many great tags! Gee Bat, Caze, Melo, Bad, Padae, DRD, and countless others populated this abandoned building in South Philly, and it was an honor and a privileged to get as much as me and Pipelines did! It was an incredible display of Wild Style, and raw expression, and it was simply great!

Tagger's Paradise: South Philly

Tagger's Paradise: South Philly