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Underneath the Tracks…

Underneath some abandoned railroad tracks is some amazing street art that is hidden from most prying eyes. Another tagger’s paradise, this one has gotten more and more difficult to get into. O.D.D.Ball and Tober have been here, along with Shock, Hank, Seka, and countless others! The pieces here are incredible, and its a real treat to get to see!

Tober in Northern Liberties

Tober and Ken in Northern Liberties

Tober is, quite easily, the most wanted and notorious street artists in Philly right now. Cops wanna catch him, artists want to hang with him, and reporters want to interview him (seriously, hit us up!), and we had the chance to check out a ton of his coolest pieces lying around NoLibs! So sit back, relax, and enjoy these photos.


Tober Detail Huge

I’m a big fan of pieces….

Wherever I can find them. Here’s some near Spring Garden:

Some wild style:

Tober is one of the most sought after artists by Philly law enforcement. He is literally all over the city. We found this one the other day.

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